Design professional Scientific illustrations

Explore our vast and diverse collection of pre-designed elements and templates. Visualize your scientific imagination simply through a drag-and-drop.


Create scientific posters with the drag and drop, without getting into PowerPoint ever again

• Save or export posters in various formats for printing and digital use.
• Incorporate charts, graphs, & diagrams for your research posters.
• Say goodbye to adjusting and aligning in ppt.
• No hectic resizing is required.

Easily create detailed scientific illustrations

• Generate scientific illustrations quickly with a few clicks.
• Save time and effort with a vast library of 20,000+ elements.
• Our library grows with new diagrams for the latest scientific advancements


Create Elaborative and in-depth Infographics

• Access to a vast collection of icons, images, and graphics.
• Customizable color palettes and themes for consistent branding.
• Multiple export formats (PNG, JPEG, PDF) for versatile usage.
• Transform complex data and information into easily understandable visuals, helping audiences grasp concepts quickly


Drag and Drop

Ease of Use, reduces time and effort for task completion, eliminates the need for specialized skills.


Ready-Made Elements

Time saving, remove the need to create elements from scratch, speeding up the design process even without design skills.


On-demand design

Haven’t found anything,and running out of time, relax we got you covered up, just send us the project details and we will design it for you.



Add your unique style and preferences, customize elements to match specific needs and requirements, quickly adjust colors, shapes, sizes in response to your goals.


Export Quality

Download 600dpi or higher resolution, export to various (TIFF, PDF, JPEG etc.) file types suitable for different uses.


Web-based tool

Accessible from anywhere, Work on projects without the need for software installation, Facilitates real-time teamwork and remote collaboration

Upper Hands

BioPicta offers you these incredible features exclusively
crafted to your individual requirements.

Time Efficiency

Our tool enables swift creation of illustrations, reducing the time it takes to produce high-quality visuals. With just a few clicks, you can access a wide range of pre-made diagrams.

Scientific Design Accuracy

BioPicta guarantees scientifically accurate visuals, Each illustration is expertly designed & overviewed by scientists well-versed in scientific accuracy and design principles.


We offer cost-effective solutions for obtaining precise scientific illustrations, get various pricing plans tailored to different budgets, ensuring affordability for individual teams.

The BioPicta Team

We're a blend of scientific research and creative design, enhancing our diverse capabilities.


Muhammad Waqas


Nouman Asif